Nostalgic Recollections

Hi all!

It suddenly hit me that today marks exactly one year since i left the sunny shores of Singapore and embarked on the trip of a lifetime.

Much has happened within that one year, army in particular(ok well that doesn’t count for much forgive me). The mundane and repetitive nature of army life has dulled whatever joy i had for life whilst at the same time evoked a certain sense of nostalgia for the past, specifically the exact moment where i was last year. As i tried recollecting the trip in my head, all i found was little snippets caught up in a whirlwind mess of other events which have occurred so far. Although the past will always remain as the past, there’s no harm in immortalizing it here on this blog. I know some of you may have heard bits and pieces of my trip to Europe but here’s a chance for you to get the full scoop(I will try my best) as well as for me to refresh my memory/relive the experience through these words. On top of that, this is an opportunity for those curious to find out how to make a trip like this happen!

P.S – hopefully detailed posts will be out soon. Still a work in progress

Solo Traveller


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