18600 miles later

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Day 21/Wednesday

The long road home

The journey back home was much longer and arduous as initially planned. Firstly,  the flight departed Heathrow an hour late. This set a domino effect into motion.

Since the first leg of the journey (London-Dubai) was delayed it affected the second leg (Dubai-Singapore). Unsurprisingly, the plane landed in Dubai with barely 10 minutes for me to catch my connecting flight. I was revving up my engines, preparing to race out of the plane but those plans were dashed by an Emirates staff waiting at the arrival bay.There wasn’t enough time to transfer the luggage over so all the connecting passengers  had to catch the next flight out.

We were brought to a claims counter where they presented us with a complimentary meal voucher.

Half and hour later, we were informed that the next flight to Singapore was in the morning.The hiccup didn’t really bother me. I perceived it as an extended holiday.

The Australian lady seated a few rows in front of me on the earlier flight didn’t share the same positive outlook on the delay. She was screaming and crying hysterically at the airline staff. Her father recently passed away and she was on the way to the funeral. By the looks of it, she was highly likely to miss it.

The six hours past by quickly. This was largely due to the fact that I had company. At the claims counter, I met a fellow Singaporean who was in the same predicament as me.

The rescheduled flight took off without any hiccups. 18600 miles later since my initial departure, I arrived back home at around 10pm, 8 hours late.


I am extremely fortunate to have been able to do a trip like this. It was an amazing experience. In retrospect, I’m quite grateful that I travelled solo.

If I had not, I doubt I would have made new friends such as Carla, Joanne, Inacio, Kangwon and the many other interesting characters I crossed paths with.

Not forgetting the bad stuff too! I wouldn’t have been mugged and been a target for scam artists.

This trip taught me so much about the world and more importantly about people. About myself. That’s the real beauty of travelling – New experiences and the lessons that accompany it.

I apologise for the mediocre quality photos and stock photos I used. My laptop crashed and the original photos were lost.

Here’s to newfound wanderlust and many more travels in the years to come! Hopefully after reading this entire Eurotrip, you guys will be inspired to do the same 🙂

Solo Traveller

Click to read from the beginning of the travelogue


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