Bunk with Born to Bunk!

Look Ma, I'm Famous!
Look Mum, I’m Famous!

I first came across Born to Bunk by chance. I was searching for hostels in Bangkok and one of them had a special promotion for Born to Bunk members. Sweet Serendipity!

Born to Bunk is a Singapore-based travel company which specializes in budget to mid-range accommodation in Asia. Their accommodation offerings are constantly being updated and recently they’ve expanded beyond Asia to places such as Israel & Europe. Here’s  4 reasons why you should book your next hostel with Born to Bunk:

1) Curated Accommodation List 


You’ll never be inundated with countless pages of hostels to choose from. Instead, you’ll find a curated list with only the best hostels displayed.

2) Discounted Rates


With hostels already being one of the cheapest accommodation options available, it’s rare to find discounted rates.  The good people at BorntoBunk somehow manages to bring prices even lower.  Full payment upfront entitles you up to 30% off the total bill. Even if you choose not to, rates on offer are cheaper compared to booking direct from the hostel’s website most of the time.  They also have other promotions every now and then.

3) Earn Gold


By Gold, I’m not referring to the metal but “Gold” tokens. By participating on BorntoBunk’s social media contests/activities on Instagram/Facebook/Twitter you get to earn  Gold. Simply regramming an Instagram picture can earn you gold! “Gold” tokens accumulated translate to cash which can be utilised to fund your next booking. Follow BorntoBunk on social media for the latest giveaways!

4) Vibrant Blog


BorntoBunk features a vibrant blog with a diverse range of articles ranging from travel tips to destination guides. Browse through the articles for some travel inspiration! The blog aims to foster a sense of community amongst travellers hence most of the entries are submitted by BorntoBunk members themselves. Contribute to the blog by writing about your travel experiences and be rewarded with Gold for your next trip! Sharing your published entries on social media via BorntoBunk entitles you to additional Gold too!

Solo Traveller

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5 thoughts on “Bunk with Born to Bunk!”

  1. Nice info. I will check out Born to Bunk, seems like a useful site. But really Bangkok accom is very cheap and easy to find anyway! 😉 Even hotels are pretty cheap there compared to Europe 😀


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