6 European Cities, 20 days For $2000 – Dollars & Cents

Dollars & Cents
Dollars & Cents

Now that I’m done with my travelogue, it’s time to get down to the business side of things. I’m sure many of you must be wondering HOW MUCH the entire trip cost. After all, it’s often the main thing I’m interested in when browsing through other blogs. Since it was my first trip, I did not conscientiously plan out every cost/detail beforehand so I’ll have to work backwards. Just a head’s up, this wasn’t exactly a budget trip. You can cut a lot of corners and also avoid making some costly mistakes that I did. I’ll explain in a later post. Here’s the breakdown divided into a few main categories for easy reading:


Singapore-Dubai-London via Emirates (Flight)

London-Paris via Eurostar (Train)

3 nights in Paris

Paris-Rome via Thello (Overnight Train)

2 nights in Rome

Rome-Venice via Trenitalia (Train)

Venice-Paris via Thello (Overnight Train)

Paris-London via Eurostar (Train)

London-Harrogate via East Coast Rail & Northern Rail (Train)

Harrogate-Edinburgh via East Coast Rail (Train)

Edinburgh-London via Caledonian Sleeper (Overnight Train)

London-Dubai-Singapore via Emirates (Flight)

Transportation Costs = $1841.77

*All trips were booked beforehand at least a month in advance. Real-time/present prices may differ*

Airfare = $1181.50

( SIN-DUBAI-HEATHROW ) Return ticket booked online at Emirates

Train Tickets= $660.27

1) England Train Journeys = $278.28 inclusive of shipping of tickets

(London-Harrogate+Harrogate-Edinburgh+Edinburgh-London) booked online at thetrainline

2) Eurostar = $111.50

London-Paris Return Ticket booked online at Eurostar

3) Thello = $216.35

Paris-Rome+Venice-Paris booked online at Thello

4) Trenitalia = $54.49 booked online at Trenitalia


Accommodation = $331.25

All rooms were booked on Booking.com

1) Paris = $131.18

Le Regent Montmarte – 3 nights in a 3 bed dorm

2) Rome = $41.67

Hostel Romangelo – 2 nights in a 3 bed dorm

3) London = $125.78

Clink261 Hostel – 5 nights in a 18 bed dorm

4) Edinburgh = $32.62

1 night in a 12 bed dorm

Miscellaneous Expenses = $576.72

Paris Pass = $224.50 inclusive of shipping bought online at Paris Pass

Arsenal stadium tour = $66.46 bought online at Arsenal Stadium Tours

Arsenal vs Aston Villa Tickets = $286.26 bought online at Onlineticketexpress

Spending Cash = $2000

A $2000 spending budget works out to $100/day. A very generous amount considering the fact that accommodation and transport options have already been accounted for.  So you’ll have $100/day to spend on food, activities and local transport.  Here’s a breakdown of what $100/day will get you on average :

Breakfast – F.O.C @ Hostel

Lunch –  3 Course Lunch @  Restaurant/Cafe with drinks – $12-$15

Snacks/Coffee – $8-$10

Dinner – 3 course Dinner @ Restaurant/Cafe with drinks – $20-$25

2 Major Attractions – $40

Local Transport – $10

This is a luxurious daily budget by backpacking standards.  You can spend much lower with a few tricks/tips which I’ll discuss in a later post.   After all it’s just a sample breakdown, you can choose to spend the $100 however you want to!

TOTAL COST = $4774.74*

*All prices are in SGD

Like I mentioned earlier, this isn’t the ideal template for a budget trip. Many others have done similar or longer itineraries on a smaller budget. I didn’t include spending costs in the title as it varies from person to person. $2000 is a rather generous amount as mentioned earlier. You could spend lesser than me! I wasn’t prudent with my cash and dining choices so my spending costs ran up to quite an amount.

You can easily slash up to $1000 by removing the miscellaneous expenses ( If you’re not a football fan ) and also by utilizing some backpacker tricks of the trade which I will discuss in a later post.

But with a $4000 budget (After deducting the $1000) you’ll travel comfortably enough without the stress of saving money and the angst which often accompanies it.  Not taking into account spending  costs and the miscellaneous costs, it’s indeed possible to travel for close to $2000. I hope this post gives you a rough idea of the costs involved when traversing Europe.Thanks for reading!

Solo Traveller

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Euro coins and banknotes taken from http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Euro


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