One Night In A Peranakan Mansion

Ke-lan-tan House, Georgetown, Penang, Malaysia

Ke-Lan-Tan House
Ke-Lan-Tan House

I had the pleasure of staying here recently when I was in Penang. A charming Peranakan mansion hidden away in the shadow of the island’s tallest landmark – KOMTAR.

KOMTAR within sight
KOMTAR within sight

It occupies two floors with 10 suites all named after the famous streets of Penang. You’ll be transported back in time the moment you step through the wooden doors. I felt like I was on the set of Little Nyonya! (The actual set is located somewhere nearby in Georgetown)

The lobby, open-air courtyard and pantry occupy most of the ground floor. The rooms are located on the second floor. There are 10 suites divided into two wings with the courtyard and a lounge in the middle.



Each suite is named after a famous street in Penang. There’s a suite for all types of travellers. Suites come in 2 bed & 4 bed options. There’s the Love Suite for couples (2 bed), Superior Suite (2 bed), Leisure Suite (2 bed) and Family Suite (4 bed). Since I was travelling in a group of 3, the Chulia Street Family Suite was the obvious choice.

The Family suite somewhat resembles a tree-house loft. There are two levels connected by a wooden staircase each housing a queen size bed. The wooden theme (wood paneling & tiles) together with the warm lighting makes for a very cozy environment.



The suite has all the necessary amenities:  A LCD Television, complimentary bottled water, wardrobe, dressing table, slippers (for use within the property) etc. Now you must be wondering where the bathroom is?!

Bathrooms at Ke-lan-tan house are a little different from what you’d normally expect. Each suite is assigned a private bathroom which is housed outside the room itself. The bathrooms for all the suites are located just a few steps away. You have your own key to enter the bathroom.

The bathroom just like everything else in the house is very tastefully designed. Spacious and well lit by natural light from the outside. Plumbing wise there’s a modern toilet and heater shower component with shower head. Basic toiletries are also provided. A blue-white Chinese porcelain sink, a clothes rack made from existing water pipes, a hanger made of water taps and a brick wall/shelf added some quirky old-world charm. Some might see the bathroom as an inconvenience but for me it was well worth the walk.





One of my favorite features of Ke-Lan-Tan house is the open air Chinese Courtyard. The owners have modeled the space into a garden with various potted plants and a small fountain in the corner.


Mi Casa is Your Casa!
Mi Casa es Tu Casa!

Escape the blistering afternoon sun and take refuge in the ventilated self-serve pantry facing the courtyard. Help yourselves to the complimentary Penang coffee & biscuits and  serve them in traditional Kopitiam (Typical Chinese Coffee shop) chinaware provided. Relax, read a book or utilize the fast WiFi to surf the net. The perfect recipe for a lazy afternoon in Penang!

The Pantry


Antiques and art embellish every corner of the property. It might seem overbearing but it’s done very tastefully. In fact, you’ll have to keep your eyes peeled to notice them. Everything in the property from the furnishings to even the bathrooms blend together harmoniously to recreate the experience of yesteryear. Kudos to the owners for creating a living museum!


Apparently this wall painting was commissioned for a 1000 bucks!

The whole property is run by a 3-man team. The staff are pleasant and eager to please. They’re unobtrusive and remain in the shadows but still within reach if you need anything. Most of the staff are locals so pick their brains for insider recommendations and tips. If you’re searching for adventure, Ke-lan-tan house also offers bicycles for rent free of charge and arrange tours.

On the whole, Ke-lan-tan House as its name suggests is a home away from home. Do not expect Hotel standards of service as this is a guesthouse. Actually, it doesn’t really matter. You wouldn’t be left wanting much. For an escape from reality and a trip to yesteryear in a beautiful Peranakan Mansion, stay at Ke-lan-tan House!

Sweet Dreams!
Sweet Dreams!

Cost: Rooms from $75 onwards

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 Property Details

Address: 27 Jalan Kelantan (Kelantan Road), Georgetown, 10050 Penang, Malaysia

Tel: 6042295993

GPS Coordinate: N5-4187 degrees E100.32887 degrees


Facebook: Kelantan House

 How to Book?

Bookings and more information on the property are on airbnb. Get $33 off your booking by using this codeSign up here using this code to enjoy the discount! (If link is not working manually enter If that too isn’t working, drop me an email at and I’ll personally send you your discount code

***All prices displayed are in Singapore Dollars (SGD)***

Photographs & Information taken from airbnb

Photographs by Nicholas De Silva, Seetoh Li Wei & Darren Chow

Solo Traveller


3 thoughts on “One Night In A Peranakan Mansion”

  1. Hi! Thanks for this post! We are going to stay in this place in couple of weeks 🙂 Do you have any tips for what todo in Penang? Thanks again!


    1. Hey thanks for reading! Glad you liked it 🙂 I hope you’ll have a memorable stay like the one I had.

      I was in Penang for slightly more than 24 hours so I only managed to squeeze in time for food and abit of street art. My folks went last year and they gave me a few recommendations.

      You can check out penang Hill for sweeping views of the island. Take the tram up and catch the sunrise/sunset there. Batu ferringhi for beaches/watersports though there’s not much to do there at night. Georgetown is also dotted with numerous historical places for you to explore. You might wanna consider riding a bike or rickshaw! Last but not least you must eat eat eat and eat! Penang food is some of the best you’ll ever taste. Hope this helps 🙂

      Happy Travels!


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