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A collection of personal tales from my travels

One Night in Colombo

Dusk had already fallen as the train traversed through the outskirts of Colombo. It was Sri Lankan peak hour and we had front row seats to the entire spectacle. The serenity of the Sri Lankan countryside was shattered by the cacophony of horns and traffic. Overcapacity trains zoomed by on both sides, heading in various directions. Passengers dangled precariously from exit doors, jumped on and off moving trains without hesitation. It was chaos but somehow everything worked. All these sights and sounds reaffirmed that we were indeed back in the capital. Continue reading One Night in Colombo


Scenic Sri Lanka – Nuwara Eliya

Nuwara Eliya – A city nestled in the middle of Sri Lanka’s hill country and prime tea-growing region. At over 6000 feet, it’s also one of the island’s highest cities. Picturesque views all round and a cool temperate climate throughout most of the year; the city is a perennial holiday favorite amongst both locals and tourists alike. Continue reading Scenic Sri Lanka – Nuwara Eliya

Scenic Sri Lanka – Journey into Hill Country

The title of this post is seemingly redolent of a Lord of the Rings trilogy? This is purely intentional. If there was any semblance of tea in the LOTR trilogy, Sri Lanka’s hill country would be the undisputed filming location. LOTR aside, back to where we left off previously. Continue reading Scenic Sri Lanka – Journey into Hill Country

Scenic Sri Lanka – Hill Country (Kandy)

Hill Country – one of the main reasons tourists visit Sri Lanka. Cool weather, misty dusks and dawns and not forgetting the lush valleys of endless tea plantations. We begin this leg of our Sri Lankan adventure on the fringes of hill country – Kandy. Continue reading Scenic Sri Lanka – Hill Country (Kandy)

Scenic Sri Lanka – Jungle Ride

I shall begin where we left off in the previous post – at Fort Railway Station. Built in 1917 by the British, Fort Railway is located in the heart of Colombo and serves as the city’s main rail terminus. With its Victorian architecture and fort-like exterior, the station is indeed a relic from the past. As the capital’s main rail terminus, Fort Railway Station is your gateway to the rest of Sri Lanka. Continue reading Scenic Sri Lanka – Jungle Ride

Scenic Sri Lanka – Discovering My Roots

In late November 2013, my father and I returned to our ancestral homeland for the very first time.  It was a spontaneous trip, only taking shape a month before departure. Fresh from my solo Europe trip, I had initially planned to go alone. I casually invited my Dad along expecting him to say no but surprisingly he accepted the invitation.  A father and son adventure it was to be!
Continue reading Scenic Sri Lanka – Discovering My Roots

18600 miles later

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Day 21/Wednesday

The long road home

The journey back home was much longer and arduous as initially planned. Firstly,  the flight departed Heathrow an hour late. This set a domino effect into motion.

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