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10th February 2013/Paris

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Day 4/Paris

The past three days had zoomed by in the blink of an eye and unfortunately, my time in this enchanting city was coming to an end. I had seen so much yet the city still had so much more to offer! On my final morning in Paris, I received a blessing from the skies(or so I thought). White cotton began to descend in a lazy downward spiral. It was SNOW! Whatever initial excitement I had was crushed the moment I reached out my hand and all I felt was moisture. What I thought was snow turned out to be sleet instead. Close enough I guess…. it’s still half snow right?! There’s just something different about Sundays in Paris. The whole city seems to just stop and take a break.
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9th February 2013/Paris

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Day 3/Paris

My third day in Paris turned out to be the most eventful day in the trip and not entirely “eventful” in a good way. The day began as usual with what was becoming a Parisian staple – Coffee & Croissants. Over breakfast, Kang Won warned me about her experience climbing up to Sacre Couer the previous day. I couldn’t make out what she was saying due to her poor grasp of English. All i heard was ” Black man…dangerous…take money”. Put that together with a Korean accent and it pretty much sounded absurd. Jokes aside, I was grateful for the warning as it proved to be a lifesaver later on in the day.
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8th February 2013/Paris

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Day 2/Paris

I was awakened abruptly by the vibration of my phone at around 6. My friends back home had rung me up on Viber ( To all travellers, this is a MUST-HAVE app. quality is pretty good and saves you a ton on phone calls). The call didn’t last long as it was suddenly disconnected.There was another girl in the room when i woke up. Here’s the thing about hostels as i would soon find out- you wake up each morning with someone different in the room.Kangwon and the newly arrived guest were still asleep so i went to the bathroom to get ready for the day ahead.The sound of the shower must have woken both of them up because when i was done, the two of them were up and waiting for me to join them for breakfast. How nice!
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