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Fly To Europe For Under $1000 Return

In this follow up to the Budget Traveller’s Guide To Flying (Read it if you haven’t yet), I’ll focus specifically on travel between Asia and Europe. Flights from Asia to Europe vice versa easily cost above $1000. They usually involve a two-leg journey with a stopover in either the Middle East or China if it’s an indirect flight. If you choose to disembark on your stopover, you’ll add another destination to your travel itinerary. This is all pretty standard information. Ask anyone who has flown to Europe or shop around websites/travel agencies and you’ll hear the same.

What if I told you this doesn’t always have to be the case? More stopovers at a lower price?!  YES! It’s indeed possible to have multiple stopovers en route to Europe and still spend less than a $1000! By stopovers I’m not referring to the common transit where you’re unable to leave the airport. In both the itineraries outlined below , the stopovers allow you to disembark and spend as much time as you want in a particular city/country. Continue reading Fly To Europe For Under $1000 Return